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Welcome to RISC OS Direct for the Raspberry Pi - a comprehensive distribution of the Open Source RISC OS computer operating system, supported by an informative video series.

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RISC OS Direct includes not only the operating system, but a huge range of software and other resources, including famous RISC OS programs like the Impression desktop publishing software, vector graphics with Draw, Fireworkz and PipeDream spreadsheets, and Zap and StrongEd editors. Not to mention some games too!

There's also a particular emphasis on programming. RISC OS is home to one of the best and most flexible/capable versions of BASIC (BBC BASIC 5/6), and RISC OS Direct makes it easy to start coding. Also included are many other popular programming languages such as Python, C, C++, Perl, PHP, Lua and more.

Whatever your interest, you'll want to check our RISC OS Direct on your Raspberry Pi. Not only is it one of the fastest operating systems, it is the modern evolution of the very first OS for ARM processors, which went on to dominate the CPU industry.

Simply download the supplied SD card image, unzip it on your main computer, and write the disc image to a 16GB micro SD card. It may fit on an 8GB card, but since there's such a variation in sizes, a 16GB one guarantees it'll fit. Watch the Getting Started video here.

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